Apple Bringing iPhone with USB-C

“We have to comply” – Apple

Apple Bringing iPhone with USB-C
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Greg Joswiak (Vice President of worldwide marketing, Apple) said that Apple is bringing USB-C to iPhone series and other devices.  He said Apple have to move to USB-C port to comply new EU rules to mandate a common charger across consumer electronic devices.

Apple Bringing iPhone with USB-C
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During speaking at the WSJ’s tech live event, he said that Apple respects EU rules and understand the electronic waste problems, “we have to comply”. That means Apple is bringing devices with USB-C in nearby time. There is also a rumor that apple is testing iPhone 15 with USB-C.

As per EU rules by the 2024, all consumer electronic devices (smartphones, cameras, tablets, headphones, gaming consoles, wireless accessories, etc.) must include with USB-C port. EU’s this decision will help definitely to reduce electronic waste.

Nowadays USB-C port taking major place for charging and data transfer. Also, USB-C is more capable to transfer power and data at high-speed.

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