Betavolt BV100

Betavolt BV100: future phones will never need charging

China Invented Nuclear Battery. Betavolt BV100

Chinese battery manufacturer “Betavolt” has announced the Betavolt BV100, an atomic energy battery that claims a 50-year lifespan. Unlike old nuclear batteries, the BV100 is small, safe, and doesn’t generate so much heat. It uses a nickel-63 isotope and a diamond semiconductor material, which allows it to operate and survive in temperatures ranging from -60 to 120 degrees Celsius.

Betavolt BV100 provides 100 microwatts at 3 volts, which is very low at this time. The company also suggests that multiple batteries can be combined to achieve higher output. Betavolt has plans to launch a 1-watt version in 2025. Which will target applications in aerospace, AI-based devices, medical devices and equipment, MEMS systems, sensors, small drones, and robotics. BetaVolt also claims that this battery technology can be implemented in smartphones that never need charging.

The material used in this battery ensures its safety and stability. The main component, nickel-63, decays harmlessly to a stable copper isotope. Also, the diamond semiconductor material assures consistent operation. Betavolt claims their battery invention is ahead of European and American companies in terms of technology and inventions.

The production technique involves placing a 2-micron-thick nickel-63 sheet between two diamond semiconductor converters. Which are made using Betavolt’s unique single-crystal diamond semiconductor, which is only 10 microns thick.

While the current Betavolt BV100 may not impress with its power output, which is remarkably low, Betavolt is also exploring other isotopes like strontium-90, promethium-147, and deuterium to develop advanced atomic battery technologies that provide higher power levels and a longer lifespan of more than 200 years.

Here a Detailed design image of Betavolt BV100

BetaVolt BV100 Battery Design
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