First Android 15 Developer Preview released

First Android 15 Developer Preview released

Android 15 is Privacy and User Focused.

A year has passed since Google announced the first Android 14 developer preview. Now, in 2024, Android 14 is widely accessible on a lot of phone models. As anticipated, Google has announced the arrival of the first Android 15 developer preview today. Specifically, the company has confirmed the availability of Android 15 developer preview 1 (DP1). This initial update is currently exclusive to the Google Pixel 6 series, Pixel 7 range, Pixel 8 series, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet, along with the Android Emulator in Android Studio. This release marks the initial phase towards the full launch of Android 15, introducing several notable tweaks.

Improved Privacy

Google is introducing the Latest Version of its Privacy Sandbox suite in Android 15. Additionally, the company is introducing enhanced file integrity capabilities through the utilization of the “fs-verity” feature in the Linux kernel. Google elaborates that with “fs-verity”, files can be safeguarded with custom cryptographic signatures, thereby aiding in verifying their authenticity and integrity, guarding against potential tampering or corruption. This advancement promises improved defense mechanisms against malware and unauthorized alterations to files.

Tools for better gaming

Several years back, Google introduced the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), allowing developers to optimize the performance of demanding games and applications. Android 15 expands upon this framework by introducing a power efficiency mode tailored for hint sessions, thermal headroom thresholds, and compatibility with GPU and CPU work durations. Consequently, developers gain additional tools to strike a balance between performance and efficiency in their creations, particularly in advanced games and applications

Partial screen recording or sharing

In Android 15 DP1, the company is extending the partial screen recording functionality that was first introduced in Android 14 QPR2. This feature aligns with a previous leak, enabling users to record or share a single app window instead of capturing the entire system. As a result, sensitive apps will not be exposed when sharing the screen to an external display or recording a tutorial/Video, preserving privacy and enhancing user control over shared content.

What additional features does Android 15 Developer Preview (DP1) provide?

In this initial Android 15 developer preview, Google is enhancing camera functionality for third-party apps with more comprehensive controls. This includes the ability to adjust flash strength and improve low-light performance, resulting in brighter camera viewfinder previews. Also, Google is enhancing support for Health Connect by incorporating new fitness and nutrition data types. Lastly, this preview introduces improved support for virtual MIDI apps, offering expanded capabilities in this domain.

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