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New Intel Raptor Lake CPUs teased | Performs at 6Ghz

There is a processor with a stock clock speed of 6GHz in Intel 13th gen CPU family.

At its Technology Tour 2022, Intel hinted some info about its upcoming 13th Gen CPUs aka Intel Raptor Late CPU family.

Things you need to know

  • At its Technology Tour 2022, Intel displayed a timeline of its CPUs over the years.
  • Additionally, the chipmaker hinted at its upcoming 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs, at least one of which will ship with a 6GHz base clock speed.
  • When overclocked, one of the lineup’s processors achieved an 8GHz world record, though Intel did not state which category the record was made in.

Raptor Lake, also known as Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs, is expected to launch at some point in 2022. They are believed to compete with the fastest CPUs currently available, including AMD processors. While the exact specifications for Intel’s new chips have yet to be reveal, the company teased some information at its Technology Tour 2022 in Israel.

New Intel Raptor Lake CPUs teased | Performs at 6Ghz
Image Credit- Jim McGregor | twitter- @TekStrategist

The evolution of processors over time was demonstrated by a timeline of Intel chips from the earlier decades. Two information about the 13th generation of Intel CPUs are revealed near the timeline’s end. The stock clock speed of at least one of the new Raptor Lake CPUs will be 6GHz. Additionally, one achieved an 8GHz overclock speed that broke a world record; however, Intel did not say in which category the record was achieved.

The 6GHz speed is notable since it surpasses the 5.7GHz boost clock speed of the Ryzen 9 7950X. Although actual usage is the true test of CPU performance, Intel likely benefit from higher clock speeds.

The timeline presented by Intel is a broad overview and does not include all of the corporate goals. We do not know how many or which 13th generation Intel CPUs will perform at 6.0 GHz.

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