Google's response to Airdrop, "Nearby Share," will soon be available to Android users. Image Credi -

Google’s response to Airdrop, “Nearby Share” will be available to Android

The self-share option, which actually works very similarly to AirDrop and enables Android users to exchange files across the ecosystem – be it on phones, tablets, or Chromebooks – is being upgraded by Google as part of its “Nearby Share” feature.

In addition to Nearby Share, Google also added new widget designs, sound alerts, live sharing on Google Meet, and audio descriptions for Google TV. Google says the update is aimed at enhancing Android users’ productivity, accessibility, communication, and entertainment.

Google's response to Airdrop, " Nearby Share " will be available to Android
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Nearby Share

As of right now, not everyone can use the feature, but Google promises to expand “Nearby Share” in the upcoming weeks. Currently, each request for a share must be approved by the recipient, which could be a little annoying.
By doing away with the requirement to approve share requests from users of the same Google account, the functionality will solve the issue. Google states that users must first opt-in to use the service before all subsequent requests are automatically authorised.
Although Google hasn’t yet provided a specific launch date for Nearby Share, it appears that the feature will begin to roll out in the coming weeks.

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