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WhatsApp Call Links | Joining a call becomes easy

WhatsApp calls are a handy way to talk to your loved ones, but you can’t join a call unless someone adds you. A brand-new calling function termed as “Call Links” has started to be rolled out by the Meta-owned brand. By simply clicking the link, users can use this feature to join any WhatsApp call.

WhatsApp Call Links | Image credit: WABetainfo
WhatsApp Call Links | image credit: WABetainfo

By generating a link and sharing it to their loved ones and other call participants, they can use this function easily. WhatsApp Call Links’ video calling feature looks similar to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

The best thing about this feature is anyone can join calls using the link, even if they are not in your contacts. Users don’t need to save their details in contact list. Using that particular link calls will be easy to connect and hassle-free.

According to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Meta), currently this feature is available for some users (beta mode). This will take some days or a week to roll out for everyone. Also, WhatsApp’s development team is testing a safely encrypted video calling for up to 32 individuals. We don’t have more information right now, but as soon as we get that information. We will share with you.

WhatsApp Call Links | image credit: WhatsApp
WhatsApp Call Links | Image Credit: WhatsApp

Follow these steps to create Call Links on WhatsApp

  • Update WhatsApp from Google Play Store, if you are using android and for the iOS users, use the Apple Store.
  • The “Create Call Link” option will only visible if you have access to this feature. (This feature is currently in beta mode)
  • After selecting “Create Call Link”, WhatsApp will generate a call link (URL) for you.
  • Copy this link and share with desired people.

The new Call Links feature is not particularly impressive, although it can be helpful if you want to avoid manually adding calls. Sending the link is all that is necessary to invite people to the call.

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